How To Earn Passive Income From BlueHost Affiliate Program

Bluehost is one of the twenty most popular web hosting companies that provide web hosting to over 2 million users worldwide. Apart from hosting Free Domains, it has something big that helps everyone make a lot of money by simply referring users and customers to Bluehost.

What is a Bluehost Affiliate Program?

Bluehost Affiliate Program is the best way to earn up to $65 commission for any verified user who buys the hosting after clicking on your unique affiliate link. In the initial phase, you earn up to $ 65, but once your conversion rate goes up, you can get up to $120 and even higher commissions, depending on your conversion rate and performance.

Is it free?

Joining the Bluehost Affiliate Program is free and only takes a few minutes to get an approved account. Whether you are a registered Bluehost customer or not, but you can apply for their affiliate account and it is 100% free.

Requirements for the Bluehost Affiliate Program

Before applying to have an account, you need:
A blog/site/YouTube channel or social media account.
A verified PayPal account.

How to make money with the Bluehost Affiliate program?

Once your account is approved, you will receive a unique affiliate link under your username and then, when a user buys Bluehost web hosting after clicking on your link, you will receive $ 65 + bonus for each user. And the user will then receive a discount on their first purchase.

Can you earn money with the Bluehost Affiliate program?

Bluehost offers many ways to make money by promoting its services on all your websites, social media platforms, and personal interactions. Regardless of the route, Bluehost has created great tools for its affiliates.

Here are the affiliate tools available for Bluehost:

Banners: There is a long list of banners available under the Bluehost ‘links’ tab in the partner. They exist in many different shapes and sizes and offer different phrasing to attract your potential customers to view the site. You can use these banners in your sidebar, your footer or in an article you create, wherever it fits.

Text Links: Here are some of the most common and easy ways to share with visitors of social media and websites a quick hyperlink to the Bluehost website. This text link contains the Bluehost URL with the special tracking code which ensures that you receive a commission on the purchases made. These are great to add as hypertext links while you talk about Bluehost.

Although there is no particular secret to the success of affiliate programs, the best advice is to focus on your content. Great content attracts customers to your site.

Whether you are a travel blogger, you sell Amazon products, or you are a website designer, Bluehost as a partner, you can do well by attracting large customers. Try not to focus on finding income, but rather on achieving a great customer base. Over time, this customer base will automatically become an income.

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