Deiion Armor – Executive Project Director

Deiion Armor is a Regional Director and Executive Project Director for the Universal Directorz Organization. The firm is based in project management. Armor is included with many procedures from the executive level to the administrative level. In his early twenties, Armor did 6 years in the US military as a security member and advanced sniper. He and his partner separated themselves by shooting perfect scores in sniper training. During his term he intermediately provided security from The President of the United Sates. On his final trip to the dessert he had a major conflict with two members of his leadership and later separated from the military after he returned to the states from Afghanistan. 

After his military contract ended, Armor entered the music and entertainment industry and gained experience with A&R’s and producers from major record labels. He also worked with students from creative arts universities to build out diverse projects. He has advanced knowledge and experience with marketing and project development. 

Armor is currently building a project management portfolio for his region while creating regional partnerships. 


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